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Sometimes Y

I Am (by Sometimes Y) is a pleasing mixture of engaging melodies and enchanting accompaniment, theatrical in its thunder and disarming in its fragile forms. ↬ Maximum Ink

Nigro’s poetic lyrics illustrate her own quest for enlightenment and the lushly emotional music underscores her words. ↬ Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Shadowy mood and dramatic contrast with vocals that seem to float in from a cloud in a dream. ↬ Capital Times Wisconsin State Journal

A postmodern talent for melodramatic sound and exceptional production carries off the grand epics of self-discovery. ↬ Maximum Ink

Lighting the dark consciousness of fertile imaginations ↬ Maximum Ink

The finely calibrated music orchestrates the ideas in Nigro's lyrics, asking the most profound questions of the postmodern era. ↬ Managing Editor, Shepherd Express

Haunted and mysterious, Sometimes Y has a postmodern talent for melodramatic sound. ↬ Maximum Ink

Flying against every trend of our fast diminishing decade. ↬ Milwaukee Magazine

Spectral voices of mercy and kindness waft over thick, lathering synthesizers and pounding percussion. ↬ Maximum Ink. Nigro's swooning vocals weave words with an urgent, impassioned directness. ↬ Maximum Ink