I crossed over a link for your Youtube Channel and holy shit! Your video work is definitely at it's peak for quality, special effects and content. I can say without a doubt you are by far doing better than anybody within our Milwaukee and the greater area of our circles in secularism. I don't think I could find anything more interesting to look into at the moment. ➳ Adam Montney, Adam-in-the-Wild LLC



I Am's 20th Anniversary video Debut

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Published Articles

An Eastside Landmark Resurrects from the Ashes

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Global Cuisine Local Sources

La Merenda serves small-plates with an international flair

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Mythinformation Conference

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Meaning of Light

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Meaning of Light

Physics of light
A system of sequenced molecules
Characterized by infinite capacity
Unfolding a radiant spectrum
Arranged in order of wavelengths
Magnetically resolved
It's source unknown

Thought of light
A range of values dividing the masses
Characterized by repeated conditions
Drawing a common journey
Compassing altering ideas
Embodying history
It's source unknown

Spirit of light
An iridescent pathway to soul
Characterized by absence of void
Unveiling visions of eternity
Infusing the body
Reflecting the cosmos
It's source unknown

by Lora Nigro
Written for my father, Dr. Nicholas John Nigro (1934-2012)


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Frequency One
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Lora Nigro ➳ Founder

Lora Nigro formed 11th Story LLC in 2009 after assimilating many advertising agency positions from receptionist to production manager to copywriter. Aside from her B.A. in Journalism from Marquette University, she is a self taught graphic and web designer and a contributing writer to the Shepherd Express (Milwaukee's largest news and entertainment weekly) since 2000.

Kevin Rutkowski ➳ Founder

11th Story partner and hands on editor Kevin Rutkowski daylights at MATC, Milwaukee Area Technical College, since this 1994, bringing innovative educational technology solutions to the population.

Vincent Gaudes ➳ Cinematographer

Vincent Gaudes has a sense for the audio visual component of telling other people's stories, down to an increment of a frame. He is a fine artist, specialty painter and designer of interior and exterior spaces.

Rob McWilliam ➳ Music contributor

Rob McWilliam bestowed stand-up & electric bass, piano, organ, keyboards and bagpipes on Sometimes Y’s songs and contributes to current 11th Story projects. He is an organist at Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist.

Sometimes Y

A year from their first serendipitous encounter at a local poetry reading, Rutkowski began writing acoustic guitar riffs around Nigro's lyrics in her Eastside studio apartment. They formed the recording group Sometimes Y and released two EP’s, "I Am" and "That’s Not What I Heard" produced with Emmy award winning composer, Peter Buffett.

I Am

I Am the album brought the 11th Story artists together. Sonically layered with an epic timber, the four year labor was mastered by Bob Ludwig, Gateway Mastering, Portland, ME. It garnered back to back WAMI (Wisconsin Area Music Industry) awards for best artist. Experience the I Am 20th anniversary video release (Full Album + Lyrics),

That's Not What I Heard

Incubated through live performance, That's Not What I Heard is rooted down to electric and organic acoustic guitars melded with the emotive swells of the Chapman Stick®.


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